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All you need is a Clickbank ID and you’re set!

Every time your friends and contacts click on your unique link to our Website and join the Gold Members Mentoring Program you will receive a recurring commission of 40% of the net profit (after Clickbank's processing fee) as long as your friend remain a member in the mentoring program. Remember this is a passive monthly income. Your unique link will track your referrals to ensure you will be paid your affiliate commission.

How Do You Get Paid?

We use as our Affiliates program provider. Clickbank is the Internet’s premier retailer for digitally delivered products and provides a highly secure, scalable, and fraud resistant environment. They handle all the sales processing, billing and payment to affiliates. To join this affiliate program you need to sign up for a free account with Clickbank. You will be provided with a unique referral ID (see below for instructions).

Clickbank sends out checks twice a month, and once you have a couple of months worth of regular trading history with them, you can set up an automatic direct deposit into your bank account.

They provide free online statistics with real time updates, so you can see how much commission you have earned at any time. After you obtain your referral ID (login code) and password, access their site for full details. They are an excellent company to deal with and are well regarded among the Internet community.

How Do You Start?

Set up your Clickbank account now – it’s free and only takes about 2 minutes.

  1. Once your Clickbank account is opened, it is important to remember the nickname you have assigned yourself.
  2. (If you're already a Clickbank member, you can create your link below now)
  3. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP WITH CLICKBANK (This link opens in a new browser screen. Don't forget to switch back to this screen once the signup is complete!)
  4. Your unique URL that links to this website is:
  5. Important: Replace AFFILIATE with the 'nickname' you established with Clickbank.

As an affiliate, you have my permission to copy any of the text, images or testimonials from this website.

Promote Your Link and Earn The Commissions!

All that's left to do now is promote “Baby Boomers Financial Freedom” to your friends, website visitors and newsletter subscriber list or customer list.

Helpful Tips For Affiliate Success

We want you to be successful and earn commissions as our valued affiliate. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started as an affiliate and be successful in promoting this Baby Boomers Gold Members Mentoring Program.

Tip No. 1 – Email marketing

Send out an endorsement testimonial email about this Baby Boomers Membership Mentoring Program. If you are regularly contacting your online list, client base or friends by email, then you will have built up a level of trust with them. We don't suggest that you actively endorse and promote a product that you don't believe in. That will diminish your credibility with your list. You need to become at least an ordinary member and become familiar with the Baby Boomers 7 Steps To Financial Freedom Guide to Earning a 6-Figure Passive Income Online. Ideally you should be also following the Gold Members Mentoring Program to gain maximum benefit and understand how the program works and be convinced yourself that it contains high quality content and represents excellent value.

For best results when sending an email, a short personal recommendation with your unique ‘affiliate link’ adds credibility and is very effective. Once they get to the site, a high percentage of people will want to subscribe and join as a Gold Member because of your recommendation.

Tip No. 2 – Blog/Website and Article marketing

Prepare a blogpost about the Baby Boomers 7 Steps To Financial Freedom Guide to Earning a 6-Figure Passive Income Online and add it to your blog. This could be in the form of an outline of the content, it could be a discussion around the topic or it could be an anecdote from your own experience. Don't forget to include a keyword link to our website. The link of course is your special affiliate link. You may even think about creating a permanent banner on your website or blog which links through to our website Make sure that you add value and help visitors to your blog. A hard-sell and just posting your link will often be seen as spam, but if you add value, it will invoke curiosity, credibility and will give you a much higher chance of good returns.

Post articles about the "Baby Boomers Financial Freedom" program. Make sure you read the "Baby Boomers 7 Steps To Financial Freedom Guide to Earning a 6-Figure Passive Income Online" first and ensure you have something of value to add in the article. Be original. Include your affiliate link and watch your traffic coming in. You can use and and many other article websites online.

Tip No. 3 – Social media marketing

Use the power of social media to promote the "Baby Boomers Financial Freedom" program. Talk about it on Facebook and Twitter. Make this a discussion rather than a blatant sales message, as after all these are social sites! You can also point your Facebook Friends to our Facebook Fan page: for more news.

As an affiliate, you have our permission to copy any of the text, images or testimonials from this website to help you with your promotions. (Please note: the contents of the eclasses from the Gold Members Mentoring Program are copyrighted and you may not use any materials from the eclasses for promotions.)

Tip No. 4 – Participate in a Forum Community

Become part of a forum community and post valuable comments. Create a signature that includes your affiliate link. People reading your forum post will see your link and will click on it. Make sure you generate enough curiosity for the readers to click on your link.

Tip No. 5 – Press Release

Post a press release. An example to use is This will come at a cost but you will have the guarantee that your press release is found by all major search engines. You can use other press release sites as well.

Best wishes for building a healthy passive income stream from promoting "Baby Boomers Financial Freedom" Gold Members Mentoring Program.

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