Baby Boomers and Retirement

Review of Baby Boomers and Retirement

This coming year alone an estimated 10,000 people each day will turn 65. That means the impact on their financial lives as well as other generations will be greatly felt.

Baby Boomers and Retirement – Deep Impact to be Felt

The Baby Boomer generation is currently estimated at controlling nearly 70% of the total net worth of all American households. So, while this generation reaches retirement age the way in which every one of these individuals goes on to define spending is yet to be seen, but there is a strong indication that it will not be the way it was once perceived.

Retirement Staying Power Needed for Boomers

Boomers will be facing a retirement of anywhere between 20 and 30 years. This is almost as long as they have spent in the workplace getting ready to retire. However, with what has happened in the past couple of years, staring in 2008, this generation no longer has the luxury of retiring with ease as the financial markets, real estate markets, and even health care markets have taken a drastic turn for the worse.

Just the fact that Americans are now living longer means that these Boomers will definitely have to have more money just to live comfortably, forget living lavishly. In fact, at no other point in time has a generation ever had to think about being retired for so long.

This fact may lead many to stay in the workforce, at least part time. However, not retiring is likely not an option. There is always the unknown with life and if something should happen to the retired Baby Boomer or one of their family members then a bit of financial security can go a very long way.

The Need for Planning Ahead

As with anything in life, retirement requires a lot of pre-planning. This planning ahead should never stop and should actually intensify the closer retirement is. So, even the Baby Boomers who are less than a year away from retiring should be taking a long hard look at their investments and their overall investment strategies. While it may be too late to change course altogether, that doesn't mean that the path to financial freedom is lost. Only by sitting down for a careful a professional review, will many of the Boomer generation be able to see if their dreams of the Golden Years will shine or be tarnished.


Suzanne Glasser is a freelance finance writer specializing in retirement topics. Click for more information on ISMAmerica Reviews.

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