Living Your Passion Through Your Work

Continuing on from my earlier post titled "Do You Need Purpose & Passion in Life?" I really hope you were inspired and had a great amazing, passionate time!
Can you say that at least part of that amazing time was passion-filled (no, not that kind of passion!!!)?
Did you manage to reflect on your life and start to work on something that inspired you or put you in the flow working on your projects where you lose track of time?
I spent many of my earlier years without knowing or living my life passion. But over the last few years after turning 50 I have slowly but surely found that spark and I'm living it to its fullest.
I can happily say without a doubt that finding and living your life passion makes a huge positive difference in your quality of life. Many in a similar experience of living their life's passion can testify that they:
  • Feel like something has finally 'clicked'
  • Have a sense of purpose
  • Love the work they're doing
  • They are so engaged in what they are doing and the day just whizzes by
  • Have a sense of a higher purpose in life
  • Above all else, they have more fun in life
Prior to finding my passion, I was reasonably happy and there were even moments of care freeness and jubilation. But deep down I was not really at peace with myself. There was an emptiness, a sense of life not being as complete or as good as it should be.
Particularly on the work front I felt I was trading time for money and just going through the motion. I felt like a robot without a mind just doing the bidding of someone else; the boss. Making him happy and making him rich.
It really took some serious soul-searching and self-reflection to realize that I was not living my passion, my inner calling. And it was that subconscious desire to live that calling that was causing the internal conflict in me.
When I finally took that plunge to give up my 9-to-5 and embark on living my passion through my work that I begin to see the green in the grass, the colors in the flowers and to enjoy the sunshine more as they say.
Now I am an Infopreneur (Info Entrepreneur). I help people like myself to turn their passions and expertise into an Info Business and live that passion. Check out the 7-Step guide in for some tips on how to do that.
I do recognize that many people cannot quit their jobs straight away to start over with their passion. This article is not about how to prepare you to transition from your current job to a career you love. This article is about seeking your passion and working on it without giving up your day job and eventually lives that passion through your work when you are ready.
Many and myself included (talking from experience) have a tendency driven by inertia to just let things be and not want to move out from our 'comfort zone'. By 'comfort zone' I mean that position that we are so used to even though it may not necessarily present any feeling of comfort per se. In short we are just creatures of habit not prepared for change.
Change is often looked upon as perceived impediments to flow and they are really just that – perceived!
Recognizing this is the biggest hurdle you can overcome to set you free to move forward.
I strongly believe that you should be passionate about your work. It takes up a huge portion of your daily routine, why spend so much time doing something that is not fulfilling for you?
Khaled Hosseini, author of the International bestselling novels, 'The Kite Runner' and 'A Thousand Splendid Suns', began his career practicing internal medicine. However, his passion was to be a writer.
Even though he was in a demanding profession practicing medicine, Hosseini began writing his first novel. The fond memories of his childhood days in peaceful pre-Soviet era Afghanistan inspired him to write The Kite Runner.
His intense passion for writing resulted in a best seller that sold 4 million copies and later turned into a feature film.
Be inspired by Khalid Hosseini and let your passion lead you to a more fulfilling and interesting life.
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