Do You Need Purpose & Passion in Life?

Living By Your Passion
Do you need purpose and passion in life? Frankly that question only dawned on me in the last few years after I've touched fifty. Before that I've not given much thought to it or about life in general.
I had a few goals to achieve, mostly driven by family and societal expectations and getting certain personal needs met. Not sure whether I can call those my 'Purpose in Life', but they were goals for sure, you know the usual:
  • Go to school, then University and graduate with a recognized Degree.
  • Get a job then start a family.
  • Give to my children the best I can provide in terms of welfare and education.
  • To love and nurture them and enable them to grow and be independent.
Supporting a family on a single income I didn't have time to stop and think of any passion in life. Yes, sure I had a couple of hobbies but are those my 'Passion in Life' I wonder?
The years flew by with a blink of an eye, as the saying goes.
I kind of missed those early years when the kids were growing up. They depended on me as a parent, constantly with their hands out for cash and there I was digging deep into the old worn wallet to meet their needs, like baby birds reaching deep into the open mouth of the parent to fish out food.
They grew up and eventually flew the nest.
There I was left holding my trusty old wallet, and it's empty, so is my heart. I can feel my purpose was winding down and my passion was drying up.
I had spent a good portion of my life as a family man chasing a job and a career, trading time for money meeting goals based on needs. My purpose was to a large extent survival oriented.
Now, approaching the threshold of retirement I'm just thinking it's time to rethink my Purpose & Passion in Life. There is no one all encompassing Purpose in Life. Our purpose changes with the stage in life that we go through.
My earlier purpose was very much driven by goals based on the needs of a young family. Things have changed now. The children have grown up and moved on and I have grown older and hopefully wiser. Obviously those earlier set of purpose are not valid anymore at this stage in my life. May be it's time to change, time to let my life be driven by my passions instead.
I need to allow myself to feel passionate about creative experimentation, to unleash my potential, my desires, my abilities, my values. This change can be fun and it can be more fulfilling.
Circle of Passion In his book 'Good to Great' Jim   Collins shares with us some important insights on company growth and performance, when he talks about the 'Hedgehog Concept', the concept that moves companies from good to great, hence the title of his book. One important element in that concept is the 'Circle of Passion'.
On my website page in Step 2 of the '7-Steps Guide to Financial Freedom', I explained how to tap into this 'Circle of Passion' and make it work for you as an Entrepreneur.
A close mate recommended me a book titled 'Fearless: Creating the Courage to Change the Things You Can' by Steve Chandler. In the book, Steve says you don't have to be a reactor in life – you can be a creator. In other words you don't have to wait for something to come along to get you going. You can create the situation yourself just the way you want it, from your own passionate dreams.
George Bernard Shaw once said: 'The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, create them.'
I was captivated by the similarity in thoughts from both these two literary greats. It gave me the first glimmer of hopeful expectation and awakened my inner creative self. I must seek out my passions and let those drive my purpose in life from here on.
So that's what I did. I've married my passions to my purpose and learnt to live my passion through my work.
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