Congratulations on your decision to fast track your learning and become Financially Free, earning a 6-figure Passive Income today. This mentoring program will walk you through step-by-step and show you exactly what you need to do to set up your online Information Product Business immediately. Like all world class sports men and women they have the skills, and they know their goals but they need a coach/mentor to help them get there faster.

You'll Be Getting these as a Gold Member of the Mentoring Program:

Weekly eClasses sent to your email inbox. These eClasses will take you step by step through the whole process, with heaps of examples. You will also get a lot of tools, hints & tips and  templates.   (Value: $6,997)
Video Instructional Clips These are a series of "How-To" information videos designed to hold your hand and show you how to use certain tools, utilities and techniques to grow your Info Business profitably. There is also demonstration videos designed to teach you new skills and techniques e.g. how to use Social Media for viral marketing. (Value: $3,997)
Access to Members-only Resource Library which is a library of valuable information that will help you grow your Internet Marketing website to upsell additional products so you can increase your passive income further. This Library will be constantly updated with new materials to keep up with new Technology and the ever growing Internet Market.   (Value: $Priceless)
Personal Email Support for Gold Members. Common questions with informative answers are collected and included in the Q & A section on the Gold Membership site for the benefit of all Gold members. This is also an area where you can email in your questions, comments and ideas.   (Value: $2,497)
Webinars. These are usually 1-hour seminars conducted on the Web by Internet Marketing experts to coach Gold Members on the latest techniques on Internet Marketing business. Or they can be presentation by our own Gold Members who have something useful to share.   (Value: $4,997)
We arrange special Offers and Discounts for our Gold Members on Website building, Graphics design, Copywriting and other related Services. These special deals and discounts will help you pay back the cost of the mentoring program many many folds.   (Value: $Priceless)

Complete Gold Mentoring Program
Valued at: $19,500+

Plus, you'll also receive the following bonuses

Free copy of "Super Fast Product Creation" ebook. Written in an easy going conversational style Jason gets you developing a product in 5 days flat. Valued at $47, you receive a copy of this as soon as you sign up to the Gold Member Mentoring program. It's yours to keep and refer to over and over again. Wonderful book to read and he throws a lot of psychology at you too. The first thing he wants you to do is "Get rid of your Stinkin' Thinking"! and tap into your subconscious. He finally ends up answering the all important question: "How Do I Make The Money?"

Valued at: $47

Free copy of "Create Your Own Product in 5 Easy Steps" ebook. A guide to creating your own killer product in 5 easy steps. Valued at $39, you receive a copy of this as soon as you sign up to become a Gold Member of the Mentoring program. It's yours to keep and refer to over and over again. The author takes you through his 5 easy steps in creating a product. Starting with having the right Mindset he steps you through searching for a niche and finally sharing his secret to writing content.

Valued at: $39

Free copy of "7 Secrets to Making Money with Webinars" ebook. There's such a high perceived value with Webinars. Used correctly Webinars are a fantastic way to promote your info product and generate sales. Valued at $48, you receive a copy of this as soon as you sign up to become a Gold Member of the Mentoring program. You will be learning the different Webinar models and how to turn them into niche info products. The author shares with you his 7 secrets to making money with webinars. 

Valued at: $48

Limited Time Offer with Special Bonuses


Warm Regards,

P.S. You don't have very much time to keep saying "I should have done that!" Don't let this be another missed opportunity in your Life. Start living that Carefree Lifestyle with dignity now. With your own passive income you can!

P.P.S. Haven’t you being telling yourself all these years I want to do what I love to do? Let me show you how to fast-track converting your Passion into a Passive Income and enjoy what you do.

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